Big News!

Herr accepted a job yesterday! He will be working freelance teaching English at Berlitz. He needs to attend two weeks of training in June before he can start teaching, so he doesn’t really start for a while yet. Herr has frequently spoke about a desire to teach, so now is his chance!

We should be getting our furniture in the next week or two as well. I have spent several thousand dollars on furniture I have yet to see… scary, I know. So, we will have a couch, two new chairs, and a floor lamp for the living room, and bookshelves for our library. I can’t wait to have the library put together (all the books are in piles on the floor…).

And for the last big piece of news: we have adopted two English cocker spaniels, Tommy (male) and Rubia (female). We are not certain if the names will stay. We are rescuing them from Spain, where virtually no laws exist to protect pets from abuse or neglect. They are both approximately one year old and get along. From what we know, they should be flown to Frankfurt next Wednesday… we need to confirm the flight still. Tomorrow will be a doggy shopping trip. 😛

Meet Rubia and Tommy!


4 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. They are adorable and beautiful puppies! What a fun project.

    Congrats, Hoyt!


  2. Thank you!! 😀 We’ll take more pictures when they are here. It’s going to be interesting, especially with Herr leaving for two weeks of training. Yeesh. 😛

  3. Cute puppies!!!!! 🙂 Are you sure you want brand new furniture with two puppies running around?? 🙂 lol. You’ll have fun! Congrats to Hoyt too!

  4. Dear Heidi:

    Yeah… a little concerned about the furniture deal. We may have to put the new couch elsewhere until we are certain it won’t be destroyed. 😛

    Thank you!! 😀

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