Bamboo is one of the best resources ever! I would rank it next to water in usefulness. It is among the fastest growing plants, very easily replenishable, and can produce more oxygen than a tree. And it is a grass! It can be:

  • food (I usually use bamboo shoots in stir fry) and drink
  • woven goods such as towels and bedding (already have the towels that are absolutely fantastic and want two more, sheets and blanket are upcoming) and clothing (on my wishlist are bamboo pajamas and robe)
  • household items and furniture such as bowls, plates, utensils, vases, tables, and chairs
  • building material for flooring, etc.
  • paper
  • and more I can’t imagine

The bamboo materials I have already are very durable, and I am excited to try sheets, blankets, and pajamas! Herr and I are discussing planting some bamboo as well. We have a side yard that does not get used, so a bamboo screen would be nice outside the study window. Bamboo goodness… 😀