Ich, Ick

No, I did not just say “I, ick!” if you are familiar with German… Rather, ich, or ick, is a disease that resides in fish tanks that has ran rapid in our large tank the past few days. Before we realized what was happening, the cichlids were extremely ill. Herr ran back to the fish store the next morning (it was already closed the day before), and bought QuIck Cure (cute play on words, ha ha…) and started treatment right away. Sadly, the cichlids passed on the next day. Ich is caused from stress, and the cichlids just couldn’t get along. The moral of this sad event is stress kills.
We have now lost four of our fish. The bala sharks did not make the initial transport to our house, and now the two cichlids. It is very sad, but we are definitely learning (the hard way). Here are our remaining fish, now being treated for the disease:

Large Aquarium
Large Aquarium
Albus and Remus (angelfish)
Albus and Remus
Luna (angelfish)
Sirius (angelfish)
Ely (eel)
Not pictured: Bob the Bristle-nosed Sucker fish, 4 clown loaches (they’ll get names when they start to socialize with us)
Small Aquarium
Small aquarium