Family Additions

Not only has my work life been on the fast track, but our personal life is moving incredibly fast. About a week and a half ago we brought some new members into our family, and I think they are adjusting nicely. We are now the proud parents of four angel fish, four clown loaches, two cichlids, a bristle-nosed suckerfish named Bob, and a blind eel that bumps into things. They are horribly addicting to watch. 😛

We attempted to obtain a dog, but things went awry. She was a seven-month old tri-color sheltie in Minnesota. My aunt picked up two dogs (my brother is getting a second miniature sheltie), and within twelve hours lost her somehow… we are thankful for her time and help, but she somehow lost the poor puppy. 🙁 At this point, we just hope that it is alive and healthy somewhere. If they are able to regain her, she won’t be making the trip over though. There’s a window of time, and it has unfortunately passed. I was torn in the first place, wanting to help my brother as well as save a cute dog, but it is also terribly expensive to have a dog shipped to Germany. A lot of paperwork, shots, and registration (including microchips). We have renewed our search for dogs already in Germany.

Herr is still searching for a job; it’s been hard but he’s been busy. My brother now has some new speakers Herr made, and Herr is working on the rest of the set now. We are finally getting some furniture as well. I purchased a couch right before I left. It’ll take six weeks because it needs to be built, but it should be nice. We are also getting some additional chairs that swivel. It’ll be a contemporary/art deco/nature theme I think will work very well.

Couch image.

We still need a lot more furniture, including shranks (closets), a kitchen table, a bench, outdoor furniture, and bookshelves at minimum. So pets, furniture, and traveling galore. I’m also doing a lot of training, and Herr is working on getting some computer certifications. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next!

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  1. Amy & Hoyt – we are truly sorry about the puppy. We figure that she must have slipped out when Keith and Nick left in the morning. I checked on her at 7:00am and she was still in the kennel. At 7:15am when I left for work she was gone. My heart dropped when I could not find her. Joy, the puppy lady warned me that she was a “runner”. Now I understand what she meant by that statement. We have spent many hours on foot, driving around, checking the internet and newspapes, calling local shelters looking for her and we continue to search everyday. Amy you are familiar with where we live and looking for her is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Please keep the puppy in your prayers as I believe that we will see her again someday. If you go to the sheltie website http://www.christyshelties.com, you can see her picture under the link titled ‘Loved & Lost’, her name is Candy.

  2. Dear Wendy:

    Thank you for the update. We both really appreciate all your efforts in locating Candy. I am sure she will or has been found by someone and taken in, she’s a very pretty dog. 🙂 I have been away, so I wasn’t sure what was going on. Please do not feel bad or upset if the search is unsuccessful though, it’s unfortunate but she did sneak out on her own accord.

    Thank you so much for putting so much time into this! I totally understand what you mean by it being difficult; she’s really tiny too. We have resumed our dog search here, so no worries. We just hope Candy is safe wherever she is.

  3. Amy & Hoyt – we are happy to hear about your recent family additions. A quick follow up to the MIA puppy, she has been located and returned to Joy, the puppy lady, until further notice. Sounds like you are a frequent traveler to the US, call if you are near Minneapolis –

  4. Dear Wendy:

    That is really fantastic news! I am glad Candy is safe. I have already made a trip to the States and will again next week, but not near Minnesota. I’ll keep in touch though!

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