Soda Pop

Life has only gotten busier with the return of the Internet. I’ll be providing some Web based training throughout next week, then I’ll move into a huge project rebuilding an e-commerce Web site. I do not do commercial sites, so this is going to be stressful and difficult. Herr is still on a half-strike right now, so I have been washing dishes and whatnot as well. I think that is stressing me out the most. I feel irritated with him half the time, then irritated with me the other half. He doesn’t work, so why can’t he take care of the house? But then why don’t I help out more in general? I can’t talk to him either, because he’s extremely sensitive about it. For anyone who knows me, they realize I am on the edge of breakdowns frequently at the moment.

Good news is Herr has a job interview on Monday. It isn’t the best income, but with him being active, I’ll feel more inclined to participate around the house. We also just finished the third season of Sailor Moon (he’s been humoring me by watching it with me, but it takes a lot longer because he can only handle so much at a time) – two more seasons left! 😛 It’s good for me though; I typically do stretches while watching. I have seen it before and it’s a good amount of time.

My colleague just posted some amazing results after a year of focusing on eating right and exercising. Over 25 lbs. in a year! Since we moved to Germany, I have started eating and drinking food I had long ago banned: soda, chips and dip, and other junk food. It’s hard to avoid here. Germans drink carbonated beverages. Water is more expensive than beer and soda. We have dinner parties and people bring chips. I’m going to take a pro-active step and say no more. We have easy access to a fruits and vegetable store, meat and cheese store, and a good grocery store. I have to start feeling more comfortable reading and learning German names for food so I can buy some things too. I’m also considering an Amazon grocery list set up. I don’t know if they’ll ship things overseas though. Something to look into.

I’m ready to lose this extra weight I’ve gained. I need new clothes and my older clothes to fit me again. We’ve started exercising more, but I need to step that up. It hurts though, and we have to leave at 5 a.m. to fit it in. I am aiming for a minimum of 10 lbs. with hopes of 15 lbs. Healthy food, moderated food consumption, and maybe even meditation to help with the stress, here I come!