Life Sans Internet

Our Internet provider has been more stubborn than an old mule on a hot summer day; aka, we have no Internet still. This company should be ashamed of its services, or lack thereof.

Last weekend we visited a transportation museum. Our original plans were to visit Trier, but we had a really bad storm hit us (it was tsunami-like!), so we thought someplace indoors would be more appropriate. Trier is now planned for this weekend, and I am uber excited!! At the transportation museum we were able to walk on the Concord and Konkordski planes and see some very unique vehicles, but overall wasn’t nearly as exciting as Trier is going to be! 😀

We won’t get to buy our furniture until April, though. But we do now have towel racks and a bathroom cabinet! Yay! 😀 German homes typically do not come with such useful amenities as closets, racks, light fixtures, kitchens… 😛 I can’t wait to get a couch! At least we have a digital projector and Playstation 3 though… priorities… who wouldn’t want to play The Simpsons at over 60 inches? 😛