The Library

We are working on centralizing the libraries in Europe, so I have been encouraging writing policies and standards. This is also for my own benefit, to better understand how to do basic tasks around the library… 😛 While I wait to get certified to do my job, I have also helped weed materials and actually purchase new materials! Mostly in computers and Internet-related topics (photography and music as well), but it’s nice to try out different aspects of librarianship.

I have also already given a presentation and have two more coming up with a possible trip back to DC for further work. It is a truly busy time to be working at this library!

My first goals are to modify the Web catalog significantly, then redesign the Web site. I am pushing for a content management system, but I think what will happen first are static pages as I evaluate what software I can use. To get any approval, a piece of software must go through an eighteen month accreditation process first. Really slows things down, as one can imagine. I am still feeling out options and learning a great deal about the general environment I am in, so I may get things to move faster once everything makes sense. For now, lots and lots of training!