My Neighborhood

Our house is on a tram line, so we have easy access to downtown. I took a short walk down our street, and found we have a lot of great shops nearby! A butcher, small bookstore, car rental, cafe, bakery, spa, some restaurants, a Japanese furniture store, a billards cafe (bar), and a few other miscellaneous shops exist just on this particular street within two or three blocks either direction!

Oh yes, I have a rudimentary “virtual tour” of our place now. I missed a room (confound all those rooms!) and a didn’t get a good picture of the backyard and garage. But, here’s a tour if you’re curious:

take the virtual tour


PS We got this place for its location, its amenities, and the assumption we’ll have a lot of guests. We better have a lot of guests! 😛 So let us know when you’re planning to visit… 😉

4 thoughts on “My Neighborhood

  1. Aw yeah! Just let us know!! We’re still waiting for our furniture, but we’ll eventually have a fully furnished guest room… 😛

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