Welcome to 2008, a new year with a new life. Herr and I began the deconstruction of our current life, beginning with the walls. Our apartment is now a maze of miscellaneous piles spilling into walkways for ill-fated footsteps. My tummy is terribly upset with so much eating, my head hurts from lack of sleep and too many things to prepare/decide, and we are both experiencing a state of restlessness whilst trapped in such a hectic time. We will both feel much better once we have our permanent residence in Germany. Tomorrow is the disassembly of the computer and electronics, so no guarantee for the next post date.

As for resolutions, I surprised Herr with mine. I hope to write at least ten pages each month towards one of my stories. I have a strong feeling that our new lifestyle will help stimulate both our brains once again, and I think focusing on writing would be beneficial. Of course, better dietary responsibility was quickly added (I don’t think it will be problematic in Germany, but some “and world peace” addition seemed necessary). Herr’s resolution: to be more financially responsible through education and practice.

And let the year of the Rat begin! Well, at the end of February at least. 😉