Living spaces and friends

Finally the weekend! After a week of figuring out what needs to be done, lots of paperwork, getting rides to all different locations to do things I am not quite sure what the purpose was, we finally get a few days to sit down and organize everything that has happened. On Friday we toured several apartments that we could rent, and Herr and I saw two that seemed potential. Actually, he only liked one, but it’s a bit farther away than I would like. It’s nice though, a penthouse with wrap around terrace for a view of the city north, east, and south. The castle is visible from there. It comes with a built-in sauna and kitchen, but only two bedrooms (it’s more like one and a half, the second one is extremely small). That’s a concern for visitors, of course. We’re looking into that last place a bit more.

After we finished up the work day, we met up with my brother and a couple of his friends to meet my colleague and her friend for some food. The party grew by a few people as we were leaving, so it made for a good making of friends evening as well. This is something I really missed from Madison that just didn’t really happen in Kansas. People who want to go out and do things with me! Yay! 😀 I am about to head out to go shopping with them too, yay! And there are plenty of people here to video game with, so I think we’ll be happier when it comes to our lifestyles. We’ll be happier just to have our things back so we can organize our lives a bit. 😛 Still weird to be living in a German setting (with a furnished German apartment).

One thought on “Living spaces and friends

  1. K. said, “Go crazy” because I’ve never done this. We’ll see if it works. You’re going to pull me into the 21st century.
    I’m glad to get these updates on how things are going for both of you. The view from the penthouse sounds wonderful especially to someone in the flatlands with no view from home! I wouldn’t worry about a small guest room because guests will probably just sleep there. The rest of the time they’ll be out sightseeing and talking with you.
    Did I comment correctly?

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