The end is near…

The last few weeks are flying by, and I am finding it more and more difficult to focus on anything. All the projects at work should be keeping me occupied, but instead I feel listless. I think it has to do with all the technicalities looming over my head. Ignoring them felt good at first, but now I feel like I’m drowning.

The car is the biggest one. We need the money from the sale to pay for the first month’s rent and shipping charges. Our celli are going to cost 350 dollars each to crate, and that does not include the airfare. A coworker made an offer today, which was awesome! I was completely unprepared, but the offer was 2500 less than asking, and our asking price is lower than KBB selling price already. How am I supposed to get along in Germany like that? C’est tres triste.

I parted with the last of my plants today. It is so hard; a lot of the plants grew with us. I’ll get new ones overseas, but all the time and energy spent on the ones I had to give up… so, I’m emotional over some plants. Blah. We’ve been slacking in weeding other things from our apartment. Several large wall pieces will have to go, some dishware… but every time I try to sit down with Herr, he’s completely uninterested. There’s also the updating account information, shutting down services, and figuring out paperwork as well as what will happen once we are out of the country. I haven’t felt very well lately, and I’m beginning to suspect it is the stress.

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