Friday, my last day, was really hard for me. It started to feel real when I took down my personal affects and loaded my things onto a cart (lots of books). My colleagues gave me a going away party, so I got to see everyone at least one more time.

Saturday we finally sold the car. Herr took care of the whole thing, but he sold it for very very little “profit”. Just a little above the remainder of the loan, which still makes me cringe. I made double payments on that car, and we didn’t even sell it for 5k. I can’t complain because it’s sold, but I don’t ever want to get another car that isn’t completely paid off again. I got screwed on the whole thing, but at least there’s no more car to worry about. Still need to get all the paperwork done, though. I have been playing Atelier Iris to keep my mind off of it. I don’t want to think about it at all.

And that’s when it really hit me. Herr’s parents took us out yesterday to the Steamboat Arabia museum and Jack Stack’s for dinner, and driving back from the restaurant Herr mentioned it is less than a week before we leave now.

Less than a week before we’ll be on a plane to Germany.

After that realization came, I felt a bit claustrophobic/time crunched for everything and decided I needed more video games to help me not freak out. 😛 Today is the taking down of decorations and sorting of shipments. With some video gaming thrown in there somewhere. And food.