Herr and I had a good yet busy Christmas this year. Sunday night we had a chili dinner and entertainment with Herr’s brother and family and friends. Monday we spent cooking food for Christmas Eve dinner. I couldn’t get the recipes right, so things tasted a bit off for me. It was interesting to have 11 people in our small 900 square foot apartment, but it was still surprisingly comfortable. I determined Herr and I need to work on our hosting skills. We can cook and prepare and take care of everything, but actually hosting is something we still need work on. After everyone left we opened our first few gifts from my family. Herr loves his Dremel wood precision tool. We have some Pyrex bowls from my parents, which will be very useful with most of the Tupperware gone now!

Christmas Day was spent at Herr’s brother and sister-in-law’s house with four dogs and twelve people. Crazy! It took over three hours to open gifts. This was the year of tea. Herr received a tea press with loose leaf teas from me. Then he received lots of flavored tea bags and a tea pot from his brother and sister-in-law. Today we picked up a tea kettle with whistle to complete the tea collection. 😉 We are set for any type of tea! We have some new scents as well. Wood zen scents from my parents and lavendar scents from Herr’s sister-in-law. The rail in Europe materials from Herr’s uncle are terrific! We plan on taking rail to most places we go.

We received many things this year; people were very generous! This was a good Christmas with lots of food (we have a TON of leftovers!) and interesting conversation. I’m glad people seemed generally happy with the cooking. 😛