Winter time

We are now putting up the final winter decorations: beaded snowflakes hung from the ceiling. I had decided a few years ago that my winter “theme” would be snow (snowflakes, icicles, etc), so I have several white and silver garlands. The windows and glass doors have snowflake clings with a few snowmen here and there.

This year Herr’s parents bought us a winter dinnerware set, so we now have a small reindeer theme as well. Not the ugly Thomas Kinkade style (I really dislike pastel paintings, pictures of birds, woodland hunting themes… well a lot of styles I guess), but abstract and simple how I prefer. Solid red with a small matte white abstract reindeer in the center. I like the idea of adding some color; mostly white and silver, but a dash of red… and I found this fantastic bedding set I would LOVE to have (if I ever could afford it and my bamboo sheets, *sigh*). They’re Karen Neuburger‘s Vienna Bedding Collection.

Vienna Bedding Collection.

I can always wish. 😀

Every year I also get a new Christmas CD, so this year we “cheated” a little and bought a collection. The Peanuts Christmas collection in a tin that contains all three albums. Last year we picked up Trans Siberian Orchestra’s album with Sarajevo on it (it’s one of my favorite Christmas songs). Also in the collection are some Mannheim Steamroller, Diana Krall, Dave Koz, and others. I would like to get some more traditional Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra next year. I have to remember… Peanuts was a good idea though. 😉