What is Facebook doing??

Is anyone else as concerned about Facebook infiltrating our every move on the Internet?? I only briefly glanced at some of these articles, but I’m already getting paranoid… check out what Unit Structures has to say about it. He quotes David Weinberger:

When Blockbuster gives you the popup asking if you want to let your Facebook friends know about your rental, if you do not respond in fifteen seconds, the popup goes away … and a “yes” is sent to Facebook. Wow, is that not what should happen! Not responding far more likely indicates confusion or dismissal-through-inaction than someone thinking “I’ll save myself the click.”

Further, we are not allowed to opt out of the system. At your Facebook profile, you can review a list of all the sites you’ve been to that have presented you with the Facebook spam-your-friends option, and you can opt out of the sites one at a time. But you cannot press a big red button that will take you out of the system entirely. So, if you’ve deselected Blockbuster and the Manly Sexual Inadequacy Clinic from the list, if you go to a new site that’s done the deal with Facebook, you’ll get the popup again there. We should be allowed to Just Say No, once and for all.

Or how about:

…regardless of your login state to Epicurious, any time you load (not just review) a recipe or any other Beacon-enabled page, Facebook knows exactly what you are looking at. In essence, this setup is sending your clickstream and path data to Facebook, precisely correlated to your Facebook identity. On Beacon-enabled pages, Facebook knows everything you do in Epicurious.

He goes on to say a lot of sites do the latter item, but other sites don’t usually broadcast what you do to all your contacts. I find this disturbing.