To Germany

I have accepted a new position as a Web and Systems Librarian in Germany. We’ll be leaving at the beginning of the new year, so there’s still enough time to wrap up projects and our life here. Of course, this is a bit of a change… and I have a lot to figure out and learn. I have already decided that I will learn German and refresh my French. Once I am speaking German well enough, I will find a cello tutor and refresh my skills with that as well.

Herr and I are both excited to live in a new culture and experience all the wonders of Europe. We’ve considered spending our first anniversary together in Paris. I’ve considered spending some time in the Swiss Alps to get my snow fix… Herr will also be able to find a good full time job and practice his German skills.

The position itself will be filled with learning and creating. The library has a lot of tools they want to implement, and I have a lot of ideas about how to implement them. 😀 It was a hard decision for me to make though. The people I work with now are awesome and willing to try new ideas. Next year they have some fun projects to work on, which I’ll have to now pass up. I do hope they’ll keep in contact with me and have me kind of as a consultant so I can kind of be involved. 😉 So much to think about though! A little scary and exciting at the same time.

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  1. I’m excited for you and your hubby’s move to Germany! It’ll be exciting for you. 🙂 Then I’ll have a reason to go to Europe!!

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