Green IT!

Oh wonderful days! A while ago I posted about Green Code, an idea I had that seemed a bit over the edge. However, I just saw Gartner’s “Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2008” and I quote:

Green IT. The focus of Green IT that came to the forefront in 2007 will accelerate and expand in 2008. Consider potential regulations and have alternative plans for data center and capacity growth. Regulations are multiplying and have the potential to seriously constrain companies in building data centers, as the impact on power grids, carbon emissions from increased use and other environmental impacts are under scrutiny. Some companies are emphasizing their social responsibility behavior, which might result in vendor preferences and policies that affect IT decisions. Scheduling decisions for workloads on servers will begin to consider power efficiency as a key placement attribute.

This is wonderful news! Thank you Tame the Web for the post.