Birthday wishes

We celebrated the rest of Herr’s birthday this evening with a hibachi dinner. Kyoto is a great local sushi restaurant we’ve had success with. The entertainment, meal, and company were excellent, up until the dessert. I asked for mochi ice cream, and it came out like a pancake and with freezer burn. Jun’s mochi balls were much better. Herr had green tea ice cream though, so he had a good meal.

Other than that, we didn’t do much to celebrate. In fact, he had orchestra rehearsal yesterday, so I saw him for about two hours, during which I made him dinner. It was a recipe I hadn’t tried before, apple sausage bake. My stomach doesn’t like sausage, so I don’t know much about cooking it. I picked out two sausages, a real sausage made with turkey, and breakfast pork links with diced apples in them. I should have used the breakfast links. But Herr liked it in the end, so all is happy. 😀 He received two books from me (Bridges of North America and Dining by Rail), some cologne from my parents, and the rest of a Christmas dishware set from his parents. I think he was happy overall. At least, I hope….