Month: October 2007

Land of Confusion and Rockit

I stumbled upon two “gems” from my childhood memories.. nightmares, actually… I’m sure there are worse music videos out there now, but these two still give me the heebie jeebies, ESPECIALLY Rockit… That’s just pure creepy evil.Do you remember any nightmare inducing music videos from the 80s/90s? I mean, sure Prodigy and NIN music videos tend to be nightmarish, but I don’t know if they hold up to Genesis’ Land of Confusion and Herbie Hancock’s Rockit… what do you think? Any others I missed and should continue to not watch? :-p

Land of Confusion by Genesis

Rockit by Herbie Hancock


A week before we left for Germany, Herr's aunt passed away after a long and intense struggle with cancer. The memorial service was held that Friday, so we had to figure out what to do quickly. After much debate, we decided to make the twelve hour drive there the day before, and make the twelve hour drive back the day after so we still had time to prepare for Germany.Herr amazingly did all the driving. He really wanted to be there for his cousins and uncle, so I bought all new tires with the money I didn't have. We made a point to stop in Greensburg, KS to see how the town is doing after the tornado (aerial photos if you are not familiar). Everyone really appreciated us making extra effort to be there, and I'm glad I could help Herr decide to do so. We spent several hours talking about what could be done with the time constraints and no money… we were lucky his uncle had a friend with a house available. The house was lovely too, with a great view of Albuquerque.

We hope to visit his uncle there again under better circumstances. In Germany, Herr made it a point to light candles for his aunt at some of the churches we visited. The least we could do.

Guten morgen

We returned from Germany last night around 10 p.m. after getting on planes roughly around 7 a.m. U.S. time. It wasn't too bad… it could have been worse. :-p We made our last flight, which I doubted greatly. But here's a summary of the trip:

Thursday, Oct. 4
Arrival, get authorization passes and hotel
Friday, Oct. 5
Oktoberfest in Munich
Saturday, Oct. 6
Heidelberg castle
Sunday, Oct. 7
Hohenzollern and Lichtenstein castles
Monday, Oct. 8
Shopping in Stuttgart
Tuesday, Oct. 9
Ulm (monastery, libraries, and cathedrals)
Wednesday, Oct. 10
Rothenberg ob der Tauber (medieval city with shopping and criminal/torture museum)
Thursday, Oct. 11
Hanau on the Fairy Tale Road
Friday, Oct. 12
Shopping in Heidelberg
Saturday, Oct. 13
Departure, lots of flying

Germany was great! I love their recycling, which is mandatory or else you are fined (that's how it should be!), and it's still rolling hills with lots of forests and small towns nestled at the foot of each hill. Of course, Herr's favorite is the public transportation, but we drove most places (my brother rented a six seat Mercedes). Taxes are already calculated into prices (thank you!), food is healthy (even McDonalds and its McDonalds Cafe, weird…), ice cream is AWESOME… a good deal of the population could speak some English too, but Herr helped a lot with his German. 🙂

We both don't feel good today (I was dehydrated and terribly bloated from airplane food, ick), so we'll see how far we get. Lots of cleaning to do, unpacking, groceries, pictures… I'll post a link when I get up some photos (a few need touching up because of a lot of sunlight and odd visibility problems…). Off to get more apple cider.