Month: October 2007

Bringing the library to you

I have decided to finally look into adding the library to outside tools. The easiest and thus first on the list are the OpenSearch search engine option and an iGoogle gadget. They are still in beta, so please let me know if something doesn’t work right.


OpenSearch is the search feature that was added directly to the browser, typically located in the top right corner right after the address bar. Google is the default search, but the drop down arrow will give you more options.

  • need either Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2.0
  • go to http://www.jocolibrary.org/

  • You will notice a subtle difference in the background color of the search dropdown.
    • In IE7, JoCoLibrary will have a star next to it in your list now. To add, simply select it.
    • In Firefox, an “Add JoCoLibrary” engine message will appear at the bottom of the list. Simply select it.

and now you can search the library catalog whenever you want to!

iGoogle gadget

With Google one can create a customized homepage called iGoogle. Many people have created widgets you can add to your homepage, and now you can search the library’s resources from it!

  • need to have a Google account and be logged in.
  • click on the following link and click on the add button: Add widget to your iGoogle homepage.

If anyone would like to beta test these two new features, I would greatly appreciate it! I have several more ideas to bring the library to you, but some feedback on their usefulness and overall appearance/functionality would be very helpful. Thank you!

Here Comes Santa Claus…

Ha ha! a little early you say? Nah… It’s going to sneak up on us, especially because I’ll be mailing gifts this year (you’ll want to get those out early… like December 1st if not earlier…). So! Of course I’ve been working on my own wish list. 😀 Hey, it’s a wish list, nothing wrong with wishing.I have wanted to move to bamboo everything for a long time, but lately bamboo has been hitting the market and making it more affordable. We received some bamboo towels for the wedding, and they’re fantastic! Light, thin, super absorbent, and soft. I would like to get at least two more. Also, Viva Terra carries bamboo sheets!! I can’t even begin to imagine how comfortable those would be. I’ve already contacted them to find out if they’ll fit my bed, and if so, I’m totally buying them (they’re on sale right now, woohoo!). Of course, a cute little throw blanket wouldn’t hurt. :-p I love organic and/or eco-friendly items. 😀

Still missing Germany and German ice cream and Belgian hot chocolate…
Ice cream thumbnail. Ice cream thumbnail.