Ojibwe heritage

One fact about me many people may not know is that my great (great?) grandfather was a full blooded Ojibwe. Canadian side of the border, so one could say I have Canadian as well… :-p As it goes, he married a Austrian with royal blood. Names were changed because it was still a time where you didn't want to be anything but white, so it's hard to track down the real people. I have his name somewhere though.

I mention this because we just want to an Indian Art Fair. Sadly, only one booth was from the Ojibway (as they spelled it) tribe out of a few hundred. Lot and lots of beautiful jewelery and artwork though; if we weren't on such a tight budget right now, I'm sure we would have left with several necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. :-p We watched some traditional dances as well, and that reminded me of my own jingle dress that I have long ago outgrown. I would like to know more about that part of my family history…

Native American isn't the only culture we've celebrated recently. Last week was the Irish Fest (not really worth 10 dollars to get in, but I'm not Irish… the s.o. is :-p) after checking out the City Market in Kansas City. Then before that we went to the Ethnic Festival (photo) with lots of different foods (again, totally not enough money for the event! We only got to try two booths, *sigh*). Oh! And I finally saw my very first sunflower field!! I wonder how many native Kansans have seen a real sunflower field… :-p

Hmmm… looking at this it feels like we really are active people… I am hoping to see the Ren Fest this year (I want an apple dumpling and braids!) as well as the Cider Fest (corn maze, pumpkin patch, caramel apples, apple cider, apple donuts, mmmm…. cinnamon apple cider…). Of course, Germany's only three weeks away (*ah!!*). Oh yes, and we've joined the community orchestra again. S.O. had a performance last night (I didn't have enough time to prepare, eeep!) for the Pioneer Days fair/festival thing. I took some pictures, they'll probably be up soon. 😀