Movie Moods

I don't know if I am the only person who experiences this, but frequently I will get into “movie moods”. Essentially, movies cause a certain nostalgic feeling. For instance, this morning I was completely in the mood to watch Captain Ron and My Father the Hero. They, to me, represent the moods of fun, comedy, summer freedom, beaches… you get the idea. Yesterday, after seeing a performance by a local dance school doing a medley of numbers, I really had a desire to watch Moulin Rouge. I'm sure it's pretty common.

We walked to the downtown area the catch the end of farmer's market and watched the performance before having lunch. I was reminiscing about college life – every Friday I would stop by the coffee shop and buy a tasty hot chocolate as a reward for getting through the week. It was a great tradition, especially for Minnesota… so I thought it might be fun to do the same thing here. That is, every Saturday walk over to farmer's market, then have lunch and walk back. So fun! Next weekend I want to check out the big farmer's market though.

We then went to see the end of a dog show. Neither of us had been to one before, so it was a good new experience. Lots of pretty dogs. Hoyt had problems not petting the dogs though, so about halfway through he broke down and started asking owners if he could pet their dogs. lol No one turned him down (I think the dogs he pet had already performed), so we left with lots of dog fur… we drove through town a bit, taking pictures, watching the sun set on the buildings. Now I just want to lay around and do nothing for my last half of the weekend, but no… groceries to buy, orders to make, etc etc. I need a beach.