I'm still alive.

I have purposefully been avoiding posting in an effort to keep off my computer. I was doing well up until a week ago. I've wanted to post on several things: seeing Hello Dolly (I think the worst musical I've seen, but still not bad), getting spit at by a caterpillar (creepy!), the s.o.'s new job… lots of things! I'm so financially strapped right now it hurts, but I bought a telephoto lens yesterday anyhow. I have a charity photography gig at a golf tournament, and for anything like that one really needs a telephoto lens. It has a great range too – 70-300mm with F4-5.6 (I believe) focal points. Much bigger range than my standard 35-55mm lens. 🙂

About the same time, the sunflower field we found near Lawrence will be about ready to bloom. A great time to have the new lens. This is one of the few things I wanted to do moving here – see a sunflower field! I'm very excited about this. I'm very excited for September in general. Cooler weather will allow for bicycling, more exercise (lots of walking), and just being able to go outside without dehydrating. I am really looking forward to going through a corn maze (maize maze, ha ha!) and a pumpkin patch. Then afterwards stop by and get some fresh apple cider. Mmmm mmm good. :-p This might happen September or October, but October promises to be packed with goodness. Germany from the 3rd to the 13th (it's a Saturday, whew! And I really wanted a better lens for this trip), then a conference from the 28th to the 1st.

Next week we launch two sites. I'll be glad to have them “done”, but I know in reality they aren't. *sigh* But I promised myself that once I am not so stressed with those sites, I'll get back to rebuilding my own. Still need to decide whether WordPress is the right way to go, so I have to re-evaluate what exactly I want the site to be. Then I get to design. 😀 It'll either be WordPress, Joomla, or something maybe B2evolution (probably not, but I'm thinking about multiple blogs…). I'll also be learning inDesign for my newsletter. I'm currently using OpenOffice, which is actually quite painful for my layout. I think inDesign will simplify it significantly, once I figure it out of course… it'll be great to know though. Then I'll have used a lot of Adobe's products (and Adobe's Lightroom is now on the list to learn…).

Busy! So trying to cut back on computer time, but right now I have to finish grading some websites, maybe upload a few photos to DeviantArt, then off to learn inDesign as I eagerly await my new lens. My life in a nutshell.