Future of libraries

When I was just finishing up my degree back in November/December of 2005, I was asked to give several presentations at job interviews. An academic engineering library posed the question what technological opportunities libraries will face in five to ten years. I ended up integrating everyday use technologies and library services, taking an optimistic approach. The past few days I have been recalling this particular presentation, two and a half years after its original conception and halfway to the lowest range given of five years.

I have to say, back then people thought I was weird and a bit too sci fi. Now, thinking about how much open source has spread, peer review/contribution, and tag clouds among other Internet novelties have grown, I'm not sure I was as “spacey” as people may have thought me. I don't know, what do you think?

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Oh, and I created the terms in this slide show. Ask me what EBKS is, if you aren't sure. 😉