It's getting hot in here

Ahhh, I feel mucho better after a week away. I had been getting very down on myself, and people telling me everything I was doing was wrong only aggravated the depression. But I felt tons better when so many people wished me a happy birthday (and the ice cream cake was sooo excellente), and well, numerous days on a boat helps. 😉 We went to Split Rock Lighthouse for me burfday, and ate at the newly established Nokomis restaurant. Didn’t swim like I really wanted to, but Lake Superior was average of 55 degrees still.

Fireworks were awesome. We went out on the boat into the harbor. If you have never experienced fireworks from a boat, you should try it! The city sets them off on a barge in the harbor, so we get spectacular views. Also, with the large hill that hugs the lake’s point, it creates a great acoustical effect.

Towards the end of the week it was getting sooo hot… and this is Minnesota for heaven’s sake! Over half the homes don’t have AC, so getting 90s, this early especially, is a bad sign. Bad juju!

I feel so much better! I got a treat for my team members too, hope they like it… 😀