Dead Sea Scrolls

On Sunday (yeah, I'm behind), we went to see the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit. I was surprised that it was sold out all the way until 6:30 p.m., so we putzed around for a loooong time. Over at the Crown Plaza, I picked up some new shirts then we ate at Milano in its glass extension. I saw an ad for Mysteries of the Nile, also playing at the Union Station, so we went to see that as well. The theatre at Union Station is just over five stories tall, which made it fun. Hard to fit a four month journey along the Nile into forty five minutes though.

The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit was fairly nice. Hoyt was expecting whole scrolls (or at least one scroll mostly pieced together), but instead the actual scroll segments were quite small and were fewer than a dozen. The exhibit had a lot of material leading up to it though, that really helped to explain the context and importance of the scrolls. We were giving audio devices that resembled a phone for the “audio tour”. Type in the number next to the display to hear additional content to the text. Despite being cold (the exhibit needed to be kept quite chilled), I think it was worth the twenty dollars a person to “experience” the scrolls in person.

It was a fun and full day, but very expensive. :-p