Things are happening! Super busy at work with only two weeks to develop a lot of widgets and two interfaces for one site… I'm a little concerned about that since I have to find and modify all images too. And I've been sore lately, just found out one reason. A few ribs are out, so I am back to seeing the chiropractor. But I am psyched that someone posted about a podcast I've been working on that seemed to fall into the black hole of darkness but in fact has a listener! Woohoo!! That there is worth it. 🙂

We went to the Celebration at the Station this weekend for Memorial's Day. I stood for my brother during the Army anthem, and Hoyt during the Navy anthem for both his grandfathers. At least one grandfather was in the military, Airforce I think, but I didn't really meet/know my grandfathers. My cousin was in the Marines too. The music was good, the atmosphere pleasant, and the fireworks enjoyable. Parking was kind of scary, but Hoyt did a good job while my eyes were focused on the floor…