Welcome to puzumaki.com

I have been sick the past few days with some odd virus that has made me tired with a scratchy sore throat. Even odder, it hasn't made me miserable (outside of the uncomfortable sore throat), but I feel fairly content. Saturday night we saw John Pizzarelli. Terrific performance by Pizzarelli and the quartet. However, I wanted to walk out when he had his wife come out and sing a few songs with him. Her voice was very apparently stage, much too bright and loud for jazz, and shot from too many cigarettes (her coughing was consistent). I felt bad for the band; they were all terrific artists. Overall, if you have a chance to see Pizzarelli live, absolutely go! He is the most relaxed and humorous artist I have seen live, and his work is much much better out of the studio.

After much debate about building my own site, I have finally taken the first step and registered my domain. Because I'll be using software I haven't had the ability to use before, I am giving myself until the end of May to get it up. It will be at http://www.puzumaki.com/. The graphics are the easiest part of this project once I became inspired, now I just have to decide how much content to put on it and learn the software. :-p If it doesn't work out, well… let's think about that later. I'll be asking for critiques and suggestions (please don't be mean though! Criticisms are good only if provided in a helpful way, in my opinion. Unless you hate someone or something, then you just give criticisms out of spite. The latter are not welcome… :-p)