Culinary Caberet

Hoyt has been making a lot of meals, so yesterday and today I put my hands to work. Wednesday I made ambrosia salad to get me kick started. Thursday's dinner consisted of sauteed boneless pork chops with apple pan sauce (the butcher at Whole Foods was excellent about this, unwrapping a pre-made set, cleaning it up, and removing the bone, go Whole Foods!) and two sides: acorn squash with browned butter, honey, and sage as well as buttered sweet corn. Mmmmm… I had never cooked squash halved before, but the sauce was excellent with it! Hoyt made a strawberry glace pie for dessert. He's more proficient with baking than I am, but I can whip up a batch of cookies pretty easily. 😉

Today I went for fish: apricot-balsamic-glazed salmon and mashed potatoes with apples and thyme (these are my favorite mashed potatoes, but I tried a rice alternative to normal sour cream and it isn't as tasty) as well as buttered asparagus pieces for side dishes. I have to admit, apricot and salmon complement each other very well, who would have thunk!!

All these recipes were found in my Cooking Pleasures magazine from October/November 2004. I used to be a member of the Cooking Club of America a while back, but lived by myself so didn't cook much. The recipes in the magazine are great though, easy enough but unique enough. I would love to rejoin, but waiting until Hoyt has a job before I start getting involved in things again. In the meantime, the CCOA has been digitizing their recipes (woohoo!), and can be found at: