Yup, we're back all right. 🙂 We came in at 5:30 last night to the apartment pretty wiped. Neither of us really slept on either plane. Now we are out of Japan and back in America, here are some of the things I miss and don't miss:

I miss:

  • the unbelievable friendliness and smiles on everyone
  • the plastic replicas of food served at each restaurant
  • so many places to go and see
  • quiet elevators, escalators, and everything else
  • the cherry blossoms
  • walking everywhere!
  • if not walking, taking the train, subway, bus, or any other public transit
  • rice balls!!

I won't miss:

  • the lack of smoking vs. non-smoking areas
  • very very hard beds
  • the campaign vehicles with loud speakers (must have been close to election time)
  • the expense (a little more than around the States)

I'll get some pictures up in the next few days, but we have a lot of things to tend to now that we are done with our honeymoon that will keep us busy for a while. Going to a John Pizzarelli concert tonight, woohoo!