That's it

Okay, here goes. I have had a very hard time with Hoyt's mother for the wedding. She said her family was better than mine, that they don't have “issues” like my family; she's called me a child and immature, called me other names… I have had to defend all our choices for the wedding, my family, Hoyt, and myself on numerous occasions. She says I treat her like the stereotypical in-law (I don't follow stereotypes, and I like to give everyone an equal chance and base my views of them by their words and actions, not stereotypes). The rest of Hoyt's family is really lovely, wonderful people to be around. But Hoyt's mother, she must really hate me for something. I know I had a few nervous breakdowns during the wedding preparation doing that, working extra hours every week, and Hoyt being away in Oklahoma with the wedding all in Minnesota. But this last insult has really done it for me.

I provided some instructions about looking at the photo proofs from the wedding stating these were not the ones to download because they weren't really mine to download. She says that I was really saying her family is full of “cheaters”, a term I never used nor implied. I was just trying to explain these were not mine to give away. Then she accused me of stealing. I put up the proofs by working around the program on the proof cd so everyone else could order photos at HER request. Now she is calling me a thief; so now my entire photobucket account has become private. I am done with her. I have never accused anyone of cheating (unless it was like Monopoly with my brothers when I was ten, which I don't remember), and to call me a thief for providing those? Or paying to obtain digital copies, which the photographer has already agreed to?? No, I am not being stereotypical here, she just plain thinks I am evil.

At this point I don't know how to respond. I want her family to know I never accused them of cheating, that my life isn't as easy as she is making it out to be, and that I am not nearly the snot she is calling me. 🙁 No wonder I have been having self esteem issues lately. The past four months I have been badgered by Hoyt's mom and under so much other stress. I think the only thing I can do at this point is stop communicating with her. I defend myself and it just gives more kindle to fuel the fire. I think I need to start meditating or something, I feel like such a horrible person. 🙁