I have been extremely busy lately, but tomorrow we leave on our honeymoon in Japan. The past two weeks I have had a consistent headache that I wake up with and go to sleep with. Last night it was terribly strong, and I already have it today. I drink quite a bit of water; in fact, I am doing so right now with no relief. I have to constantly adjust my neck (I can actually push the discs back into place thanks to my new treatment…), also with very little relief. I think Japan will do more to help than anything else right now. Time away from the computer, away from stress, and the situation we'll find ourselves in when we get back (job and financial).

I believe work, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep are contributing to this. I think the lesson I learned from 2006 was I don't do well at 40 hours a week. My ideal work schedule is 30 hours. This week I worked near 50 to try to get everything in an okay place for my colleagues to continue working without me (throughout January I also did 50 hour weeks and experienced many nervous breakdowns from it). I just want my headaches to go away.

We've already talked about him walking with me to work every morning to encourage me to walk, and doing many other things that will get me off the computer and out of the apartment more. My apartment is like a cave – quite dark. This, I feel, has not helped me. I need sunlight, it dramatically improves my mood and health. Him moving back here will improve my living conditions, and hopefully relieve my headaches.