This recent blog entry I found really upsets me. Not because of it being rude, but because of the truth and me not knowing what to do. I already dislike Bush with such a passion that when he was re-elected I started applying only to jobs outside of the country. I was tired of it, and I still am. I find our government's continual thirst for war an embarrassment. I found our behavior in these countries a complete humiliation. I support our troops, don't get me wrong – my brother served in Iraq for a year and will probably go back because of this drawn out failure. But what about the people that live there? How long do they have to suffer for our mistakes, for our lack of accepting failure and providing them some semblance of peace and quiet. Just leave them alone, for heaven's sake.

To see why I am so upset, I found a mention on David's Doodle of Riverbend's blog entry. For the love of everything good, what are we supposed to do?? What this woman went through, this is the one thing I fear all the time. Why are we just sympathetic for a minute then as soon as we leave the site, out of sight out of mind? How am I supposed to make things better? Believe you me, I do. I think these are atrocities that, in this day and age, are barbaric and uncalled for. How do we fix this?