More reasons for a new location

Just some more reasons I need a new place for my online presence, and to tail on my previous post. Here are some carebadges from carebadges.com. And some more interesting and hopefully good news on another serious topic for me; the environment. I need someplace I can keep these like my other widgets.

CareBadge | Get your own badge!

CareBadge | Get your own badge!

And the CNN polls I found worth sharing in regards to the environment:
1. Do you agree with former CIA chief Woolsey that U.S. dependence on fossil fuels threatens the nation's security? view results | view article
2. Does walkability make a city a better place to live? view results | view story

By the way, I should say this is at least the fourth or fifth list I have seen Madison on for very good reasons such as public transportation, liveability, best cities, etc. I miss Madison.

PS See how stupid Livejournal is?? It can't even handle these little Flash widgets, just like half the other ones.