Bon apetit

Hoyt and I like to cook together, so we often make at least one meal. He is into breakfast, so he always does that. This time I was trying to be healthier and more creative, so I took both dinners. I had never made stir fry from scratch before, so I was floating around Whole Foods for about forty five minutes (oh yeah, I am talking healthy!).

We have a wok, so it was a lot of fun! Put in some extra olive virgin oil to get it started, added freshly sliced carrots, then small sliced zucchini, sugar snap peas, pineapple, and water chestnuts. I then added the fresh cubed chicken that had been marinating to the wok, let it cook a while, then added some more of the natural teriyaki sauce. I even washed the white rice before steaming it! For more color, I bought a mix of fresh berries and kiwi, put that in a sundae cup with vanilla bean yogurt sprinkled on top. Add some glasses of chocolate milk, and you have one filling meal! Can't wait to eat leftovers. 😀

Today was Hoyt's homemade focaccia bread with creamy tomato basil soup and “fried” (the olive oil and some pineapple juice in the pan so they wouldn't burn) sugar snap peas with remaining pineapple. I like to make colorful meals because Hoyt comments on them always. :-p Tasty! I like cooking with my husband, but we always eat too well…

Otherwise, both cars are now fixed, so I'll have the Taurus. We purchased our wedding photos (yay!) and hope to get them before we leave to Japan in less than THREE WEEKS! Wow… I think I need to start preparing for that. Konnichiwa… domo arigato… so not ready… :-p Oh! And he bought me a new mp3 player!! The iPod (yucky) nose-dived into death a few weeks ago, so we got a real mp3 player that has a ton of features and is flash-based. “No moving parts” as Hoyt puts it, so the hard drive can't crash as hard as the iPod did. Don't get an iPod. This mp3 player, I can switch the battery, the video screen is bigger, the device is smaller (then iPod video at least), I don't need iTunes to get music, and it has two headphone jacks! Neat! It also has fm radio, recorder, audiobook support, photo slideshows, video, and expandable memory among other things I haven't looked at yet. 😀