Blog migration…?

I think it's time to start considering my options when it comes to blogs. Livejournal has been a nice location, but it's extremely limited. Of course, I have the free membership, so I may be bringing it upon myself, but I am unable to add any widgets because it does not allow me to add any scripting outside of links to the navigation. Here is the list of widgets I am considering:

1. Clustrmaps
Locations of visitors to this page

2. LibraryThing Random Books

3. Facebook Profile Badge

4. 43places map

5. 43places list of things to do

6. MeeboMe

7. Good Reads Currently Read Books

8. Amazon.com wishlist

7. DeviantArt RSS feed (I notice this is really buggy)

8. Websnapr screenshots for my links
Requires I actually load a script document, so completely not possible on LiveJournal. 🙁

As you can see, not only does LiveJournal not support most of this, but I can't put it in the sidebar. I do have site space given by my service provider, but I think I want something more permanent. I want more web2.0! I am a web interface designer, you think I'd be more into these things. I just don't like paying for site space. :-p Time to look at options.