I believe my actions define who I am, not my religion. Is this not true? The University of Minnesota did a study about a year ago that announced that atheists are the least accepted and least trusted people in America. Now, of course someone has to be at the bottom I suppose, but why does religion have anything to do with trust? I have to say I do not really know what “religion” I am, mostly agnostic/spiritual. I feel people need an inner sense of guidance in how to behave and improve one's self, but for those who do believe in God or gods and/or goddesses, that's just what they need to make sense of the world and I have no problem with that. I know I have traveled down this path perilously before, but I honestly do not understand why religion can trump action.

Take me, for instance. I don't drink, smoke, swear, take the Lord's name in vain or mention the “underworld” even in respect to Christian religions, party for hours on end, do any drugs including prescription, etc. I waited until marriage to lose my virginity. I am prompt and take on all responsibility handed to me. I pay all bills on time. Am I not trustworthy simply because I have not praised “hallelujah” every Sunday of my life? I donate to charity, fight for environmental causes, help others when I see their in need. I do not understand, why do people feel it is not possible to be moral without a prescribed religion? Do I scare people at my small height? Well, I should because I've taken judo, tae kwon do, kendo, and fencing… but not because I am not necessarily Christian… I hope… would people hate me simply because I do not feel Christian? You know how sometimes you don't feel like you fit in; I felt that way at church, and that's why I don't know now. I think it's cold-hearted and mean to discriminate against people for anything besides by their own actions. And even then there sometimes is a good reason for an irrational-seeming action. *sigh* I believe America has now come upon another age of discrimination (okay, not really, but I want to make up a word): sexism, racism, and religionism? Weird… I suppose there always must be something for people to hate about one another. If you hate or distrust me, please let me know. I would really appreciate knowing whether I am welcome or not. Sorry in advance if I offended anyone again.