A Night on the Town

When Hoyt was in town we were able to accomplish a lot of tasks. No longer do boxes fill the apartment – he broke them down and we took them to the recycling center. The apartment seems a lot more spacious now, even with a few remaining boxes that was our office. We do not have space for an office here, so I am still uncertain what to do.

Thursday was wonderful. It was great to have some real time together and just be near each other. After meeting the insurance agent and getting some additional content management system work done (slowly… my Internet is still on the fritz), we went to see the Linda Hall Library housing the Napoleon Exhibition to Egypt exhibit. The library is very art deco, and I now want to go back during spring to take pictures of the library and campus in general. I want to take lots of pictures with my new camera. :-p

After we went through the exhibit, we found a restaurant on the plaza called the Melting Pot. We originally wanted to go to the Kona Grill, but I had never had fondue before and Hoyt was excited to go. The Melting Pot is horrifically cold! It's in the basement of the building and because each table has a tabletop stove, the rooms need extreme ventilation. The food itself was pretty good – I loved the chef's salad mostly, which has nothing to do with fondue… – but it was also terribly expensive. Just for the two of us, ordering the smallest item on the menu came to eighty dollars. For food we had to cook, I don't think I would recommend it to anyone else.

Then we ran over to the Unity Temple where Brian Greene gave a lecture on the Theory on Everything! It was pretty much a summary of the Elegant Universe (I'll be reading that soon, hopefully!), so while he was a fun lecturer and inspired at least me to think more about my own theories, I am not sure it was worth twenty thousand dollars to have him come speak for an hour… I am glad I got to see him in person though! It's always different and more involving that way. 🙂 So we both felt we had a good evening, despite the cost of dinner. A good experience overall!