Through the Looking Glass, sushi, and winter

Hoyt and I made our very first sushi Wednesday night. It turned out pretty good! The rice is supposedly the hardest to get right, and I would have to say it was pretty darn good. The avocado was too ripe, so we'll have to learn to pick better ones in the future. We just made the standard california rolls, crab with avocado and cucumbers. Hoyt's were so cute because they were gigantic! I nearly peed my pants watching him fit one in his mouth and try to eat it gracefully. 😀

Thursday morning left a lot of ice on the ground that made me wary, especially for Hoyt. What I didn't expect was the horrible trouble of getting back from work. Want to see me frustrated? Stick me in a car that can't drive through icy snow/slush and put it on a hill… yeah, I tried to avoid the highway, but let's just say the car decided it was a better route… sooo much stress… and yet another very good reason to not like driving. The list grows longer.

On Friday, I joined a friend to see the regional ballet's production of Through the Looking Glass. While the dancing itself was mediocre, the choreography, costumes, lighting, and lightness (no interpretive dance here, very literal – a welcome change) made the production very fun and entertaining. I would have to say just about every girl scout in the county was in attendance as well… very cute though! We both thoroughly enjoyed the performance. I was amused because the entire cast was female except for one guy who played the King of Hearts. And he did not have any ballet to perform. I would love to get into dance, especially ballet, though. I need something to keep me in shape! Besides, I used to be in dance and gymnastics a long time ago, I would like to get back into something engaging.