An Apology Letter

I did not mean my personal observations to become a personal attack on anyone. What I was and am looking for was an intellectual conversation. If someone has a problem with my opinion, please give me a valid argument why I should consider a different view or what your view actually is, so that I may reassess what I feel is correct or should be. I get very little mental stimulation here, especially with it not being a college town. I need my own ideals to be challenged with non-personal-attack facts/opinions as to why I am not correct. I appreciate other people's insight into how certain values and topics interact with their lives, so I have a better understanding of others. But if you feel you need to personally attack me, I would rather you tell me in person and explain why so that I may apologize in person for any offense you may have taken, and to learn how to improve myself. That may not be to take your views, but I do respect your opinion and wish to hear them. But please, do not make a general topic into a personal attack. Please, instead, tell me what your opinion is on the matter and not about me. Thank you for your time in reading this, I hope I have not offended many with my strong opinions.