Month: November 2006

*gobble gobble*

It has been an interesting holiday weekend. Tuesday I worked from 6 a.m. until 8:30 p.m., then my friend and I woke up at 2 a.m. to drive for ten hours up to Minnesota. When we arrived, I got the marriage application processed (with some problems, the entire system was down, oy!), then went to the depot where my grandma was waiting to tour with us. I had to make a lot of decisions on very little sleep, but I think everything will work out. Then my parents took me out to eat at the New Scenic Cafe. Great little restaurant but very expensive. It is good to see some nicer restaurants opening along the North Shore though! We returned to start picking out recipes and get my hair done (which didn't happen…).

On Thanksgiving we made a quick run to the grocery store before the crazy lines, and I started cooking right away. We made dinner at my parents' house because my grandma wasn't feeling well, and my mom has a broken toe so couldn't assist much. I cooked most of the day; the menu included: sour cream corn, mashed potatoes and apples with thyme, pineapple smokies, mushroom crescents, festive strawberry nut salad, stuffing with cranberries, turkey gravy, pumpkin and cherry pies, and rosemary garlic basted turkey. My dad deep fried a turkey as well; very juicy until it cooled down. My mom's kitchen is still under construction, so I was missing a lot of essential cooking/baking tools that made it a bit more challenging…

Friday I tried to take it easy and just get my hair done, but my dad decided to guilt trip me into taking leftovers to my grandma. I lost two hours to that, then grew increasingly frustrated with my stylist's inability to do a simple hairstyle. When she stepped out for a minute, I ended up calling another close friend of the family who squeezed me in the hour before we had to leave and had it done in twenty minutes exactly how I wanted it. I was very happy and relieved to get a solid hair stylist, and the other stylist is still doing everyone's hair but mine and the bridesmaids, so all is well.

Driving back, we ended up in the wrong direction for a while and lost an hour, so I didn't get to bed until after 1 a.m. My friend had to leave by 6:30 a.m., so I woke up at 6 and couldn't get back to sleep. I finally finished The Historian, a great novel (although the ending was very anti-climactic, sadly, and was thrown together haphazardly *sigh*), and I have started Enchantment (after a good three hour nap of course!). Today has been a catch up day of sorts. Doesn't feel like I got much of a weekend or vacation, and I still have work to do. At least I got some reading in for a change. 🙂

A theory on life

I remember one day as an undergraduate having figured out the purpose of life. It was idealistic and two fold. As I crossed the bridge over the Mississippi, I ran into two lovely nuns who asked me if I knew the meaning of life. They were taken aback when I returned an answer with a smile, “To be happy,” which they accepted with a nod, smiling back at me.

What is the purpose of life? To live. Yes, it is simple. To live needs to be taken two fold though as aforementioned: literally and metaphorically. Literally, to live is to survive – during one's own life and, possibly, “eternally” through the procurement of children. This is built into us at an animalistic level.

The second half to living is a metaphorical aspect. As an ephemeral entity, this is prone to change and relativeness to society. In America, it is written in black ink what our purpose is – the pursuit of happiness. We seek happiness in everything we do, and in the end we find it is the journey that is important and not always the destination. I cannot say what would make everyone happy, but I know some things can lead to happiness – working with one's own hands, enjoying even the little things of everyday life (don't forget to look at the world around you with new eyes, as if you haven't seen it before), letting yourself go and just dance, having a pet (one that you can play with), finding someone to love and spend your days with…

In the end, I believe the purpose of life is simply to live. The first step is simple, all we have to do is breathe. The second is a mind trick that we usually only learn in old age when we look back at our journey and realize how truly happy and ignorant we were of it.

To Be or Not To Be

On Monday, we went to the Lyric Opera in downtown Kansas City to see Hamlet, the opera. Hoyt looked absolutely handsome with his tuxedo, and he, of course, had me dress in my fineries as well. We stuffed ourselves at the Olive Garden, then away we went! The balcony was not very full sadly, so we moved into a couple nicer seats along with a friendly couple Hoyt started speaking with. He was a chemist who moved in from Brooklyn (NY), and he was kind enough to humor us with his accent, Hoyt attempting it, and then speaking German poetry to me. :-p Twice. I seem to attract old guys. *sigh*

Hamlet had an awesome singing voice. Ophelia… I think she stole the performance, even with a different person singing her lines (her doctors would not let her sing, usually happens) her acting performance and the abilities of the second Ophelia (she was in the pit), were astounding! It was sung in French, so I understood snippets of it without supertitles, but with all opera, I can usually not even understand what is being sung when in English! Ophelia's death sequence was also one of the most drawn out and creative I have ever seen in opera (I have been to a few now; Tosca, Aida, Turandot, La Boheme while in Mongolia… a few others I think). Very neat though, with her suspended in air behind two curtains of shiny shards meant to look like ice on top of the river; quite a spectacle! Worth seeing. 🙂

We have the Barber of Seville and a John Pizzarelli concert coming up as well, and I am looking forward to them. I would like to see Through the Looking Glass performed by Kansas Regional Ballet, and may just go on my own since it is at the community college. Exciting! And last year I saw the Nutcracker at Madison's exquisite Overture Center, so I am considering it here as well. It's good to get out. 🙂

soooo cute…

An Apology Letter

I did not mean my personal observations to become a personal attack on anyone. What I was and am looking for was an intellectual conversation. If someone has a problem with my opinion, please give me a valid argument why I should consider a different view or what your view actually is, so that I may reassess what I feel is correct or should be. I get very little mental stimulation here, especially with it not being a college town. I need my own ideals to be challenged with non-personal-attack facts/opinions as to why I am not correct. I appreciate other people's insight into how certain values and topics interact with their lives, so I have a better understanding of others. But if you feel you need to personally attack me, I would rather you tell me in person and explain why so that I may apologize in person for any offense you may have taken, and to learn how to improve myself. That may not be to take your views, but I do respect your opinion and wish to hear them. But please, do not make a general topic into a personal attack. Please, instead, tell me what your opinion is on the matter and not about me. Thank you for your time in reading this, I hope I have not offended many with my strong opinions.