As I was lying around in bed enjoying the wonderful Saturday morning, a hilarious memory creeped into my thoughts. Hoyt had just mentioned during his last visit the rhino we saw at the zoo a couple months ago. Now, with sound advice I can say you neither want to be in front of a rhino OR behind… have you ever seen one relieve itself?? I think this should be added to the list of things to do and see for everyone… :-p

We were walking around the Africa exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo (a great addition!) when we came upon the rhinos. One had walked up to a gate entrance (for staff), turned around, and before we know it was relieving itself… except it's not as gentle as the word “relieve”… more like put out an invisible fire with a fire hose. Holy cow! If someone WAS standing there, he or she would have been knocked to the ground from the pressure! So, fair warning about rhinos… you are only safe standing at their side, and even then I wouldn't suggest it. :-p It was definitely the funniest thing we saw while at the zoo, and a memory I don't think I'll ever forget!