Reluctant Mantis

Today is just beautiful! I got most of the wedding invitations done, so I took a bike ride out to the park and read by a pond for a while, then over by a small shopping area. When I went to get on my bike, I noticed a preying mantis was resting not so peacefully between the spokes of my still moving bike tire. Faced with the dilemma, I thought I could coax the little guy off by getting him on a leaf to no avail. Poor guy had already been in an accident too, half his big front leg was missing. Finally I had to show him what would happen if he didn't get off. He held on for dear life as I walked the bike along, round and round… he eventually plopped onto the inside rim and tried climbing back up before I plucked him off and set him in the grass. What a cutie though! Check him out.

Preying mantis.

Talk about getting the bug eyes. 😉