Controversial to the Core

This may offend some, so if you are not interested in reading my prattlings on 9/11, please discontinue doing so now.

As of late a lot of the details of the September 11, 2001 incidents have really been bothering me. Not long ago I was telling Hoyt just how unlikely it would be that bin Laden would pull such an attack after so many years of working with our government. To suddenly find religion then use it as a blatant attack on the U.S. seems very odd and unlikely. So much information was retained, and a lot of it is spotty… I am really leaning towards it being a conspiracy set up by the administration set in the works for a number of years. I honestly feel, with hopefully not offending or hurting anyone who lost someone that day, that a group of officials in government and at the heads of several corporations planned and executed the attacks to create paranoia and fear in Americans to run their own agenda, say anything and do anything they wished, and make a lot of money in the process.

Maybe this isn't the first time those in power did something to subvert the “sheep” into fear and submission. The government uses libals to scare people into showing any discension, calling them names and threatening searches. The DHA was created to run these specific errands. I think airlines going into bankruptcy was not planned out, but look at how many people sold their stocks in the airlines one to three days before the occurence. So many aspects of what happened are so vague and just glossed over as unimportant… and the fact that no memorial stands is the administration's way of removing closure, a visual reminder to keep people in a perpetual state of paranoia to keep dragging out the attacks in foreign countries and on our Constitutional freedoms. We are giving them this power out of fear.

I honestly thought, when I saw the towers fall live that people had set it up for demolition because of the way it fell. If the towers were to fall from a large explosion, I would see the top toppling off and landing on nearby buildings, not the base of the tower coming out and the top caving in. Those monsters of towers were built to withstand just about anything, including airline attacks. A fire fighter even stated over the radio that he could contain the fire with no difficulties. It was a set up. A set up from the inside. Just so many things that don't add up. I am sick to death of the government thinking they are able to play around with our rights as U.S. citizens and keep us in perpetual fear – maybe that's why security was increased in airports – to live out their greedy goals. It makes me sick.

Only a few days ago I ran across a vidow on Google Video called Loose Change (3nd edition, recut). While I am skeptical of a few of their details – Hoyt was able to name one right away, they stated a B-52 flew into the Empire State Building in 1945 and Hoyt said they didn't exist until the early 1950s (this is true, it was a B-25 that flew into the Empire State Building, someone has dyslexia…) – but a lot of what I saw on live television confirmed, through my own experience, the same questions brought up. Especially about the Pentagon… I was there the year before, and that place is a fortress. Absolutely no way a plane could get within five miles of that building without it being spotted on radar, IDed, cross-checked, analyzed… I could go on and on, but I think my point is made. My disklike for government is ever increasing, especially the crack shot bills such as the PATRIOT Act and how easily it passed and keeps being passed. What a bunch of balogne. If this isn't a government ploy, why are they not giving any closure to anything? Why no memorial at the site? Why are we STILL in Iraq? In Afghanistan? Why is the PATRIOT Act still active? I venture to say it is to keep us in fear and submission. Clear and simple.