Carry me home to my kin

This weekend was jampacked with goodness! Friday was, of course, very hard as Hoyt had to leave. I mostly moped about for hours, then forced myself awake for the remaining hours until my friend came in at midnight. We stayed up until two, me showing her all the kewl things she's been missing out on the Internet. :-p

Saturday we walked over to the community college for the Japan Festival. We weren't able to stay long, but we did attend a Japanese cooking class before my other bridesmaid showed up, then we ate a lot more sushi… and went to a bazaar, watched a candy artist for a while… I bought a little Pucca to hang on a bag, so cute! Then we rushed over to David's Bridal and quickly realized Saturday is a horrible day to be within a block radius of that store… tried on some dresses before hitting the mall and finally found a good dress both were comfortable in. Yay!! Only three hours of shopping for that, with some cursory shoe shopping. We departed with my other bridesmaid and scooted over to the McCallister's Deli. It was pretty good, nice for a deli. We stayed for a while talking about this and that before coming back to watch Fruits Basket. What an excellent anime!

Sunday was early with Hoyt's parents picking me up at 8 a.m. My friend departed at the same time, and off to Topeka we went! Lots more talking on the car ride, and in Topeka we picked up Hoyt's uncle and grandma after hanging for an hour. Off to Wamego we went, another forty five minute drive. In Wamego we had some lunch at the Friendly Cooker (not very friendly…), then Hoyt's grandma got to enjoy something she has always wanted to do – drive a Bobcat! Her 80th birthday is still two months away, but it was decided driving a front loader Bobcat around would be more pleasant in warmer weather. Afterwards, we drove back to Topeka and hung out for another hour before going to her party. Lots of people stopped by and had some cake and cookies. She seemed absolutely thrilled and on a high from the Bobcat experience. An hour and a half into the party, me and Hoyt's brother with his wife were all pretty exhausted, so we headed back to the Kansas City area.

Lots of socializing and talking makes for one tired Pu! Now I have a pile of gifts in my living room I have to figure out where to put – Hoyt's birthday, our engagement gifts, and Christmas gifts all came at once… lol I agree though, it's better than paying shipping if you can get the shopping done early. :-p Okay, time to get some work done and wind down. Whew!