Another packed couple of days with Hoyt in town. Everything I have been doing… designing a Web site and working in conjunction with developers in Sweden to ensure it will function in the modified software we have purchased from them, organizing the honeymoon and additional preparations, fixing and finishing the design of the invitations and other parts of the wedding invitation, cleaning up some medical problems that get worse and better in the same day, stabilizing financial issues (a certain car keeps needing more and more money… ), confirming our housing situation (which is we won't have housing in three months, like that makes me feel better), building an additional two Web sites outside of work (I swear I'll get them done this weekend)… I am a little stressed. This all wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a mother-soon-in-law who keeps insisting on making the wedding complicated. I know she means well, but it definitely has an adverse affect. :-p

So Wednesday I felt rushed to get the design done (got most of it, too), then fixed up the files for wedding invites to be printed. Got those over for printing and found a restaurant called Korma Sutra in the same complex. I had been craving Nepali cuisine for a few weeks, so Indian was close enough. The owner was very kind to us, and we had a very enjoyable experience (although mild was so extremely spicy I thought I was going to pass out). We got there almost ten minutes past their mid-afternoon closure, but they seated us anyway and fed us a full course meal! I ordered a lamb biriyani and Hoyt the saab, both with naan of course. But they gave us two small appetizers and two additional drinks as well (a sweet iced yoghurt drink I believe was to help with the burn and hot chai). The naan was very sizable, and both meals were delicious. As I mentioned, it was unfortunately so extremely spicy I thought I was going to pass out… I would recommend it to anyone who can handle spicy food though. Can't remember much else of what happened, I think the spice had something to do with that…

Thursday was a lot more productive. We got some minor shopping errands accomplished, went to the arboretum and took some pictures (my camera died before we got too far though *pout*), saw the chiropractor, and dealt with our housing contract. We stopped at the Land of Paws again to look at the adorable puppies!! Panera Bread… the Wolf/Ritz camera store twice for the one hour photo development… I made chili, which surprisingly didn't turn out as well as usual (and I made a lot…), but Hoyt I think somewhat reluctantly took half of it with him. I felt so bad!! Then we scooted off to see the screening of Infamous. It took us fifteen minutes to locate it in the Metcalf South Mall… that's a scary place! I thought the movie was good, overall, and would say it is worth seeing (not with your children). It portrays the mood and change of Truman Capote's life a lot better than the movie Capote. Afterwards we picked up the wedding prints (thank goodness for 24 hour Kinkos! Hee hee…), and high tailed it to bed!

Pretty busy! This weekend I will try to get the dishes done (must get them done…), get both Web sites done, and get some good sleep! I am tired… and I keep eating this spicy Indian food which doesn't help. :-p Movie time!