Sunday Bloody Sunday

A few days ago we were talking about videos that made it big on the Internet. I was surprised that my colleagues had never heard of the Ugachaka Baby, the first very popular video that I can recollect, or even the Numa Numa song! I am also going to link this particular video of Bush actually “singing” Sunday Bloody Sunday… I think it was ingeniously put together. Sadly, the list I createdis not with me, but I'll find a few.

Ugachaka Baby: the Ugachaka Baby was one of the first videos that revolutionized video for the Internet
Numa Numa: the beginning of TONS of people lip syncing to songs on webcams…
Mario Live
Matrix Ping Pong

Now, for a little Internet entertainment. The first Red vs. Blue (now has a number of seasons), which was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal two or three years ago.
Red vs. Blue episode 1: this was created using Halo screenshots
And, of course!, Homestarrunner…
Homestarrunner Strong Bad Email: Guitar

So much more… but there's a start. Enjoy.

Sunday Bloody Sunday(originally U2, take it away Bush…)

George Bush singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
George Bush singing “Sunday Bloody Sunday”” on Google Video
Thanks to http://onegoodmove.org and Rx @ http://thepartyparty.com/

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