Going to the chapel and we're going to get married…

It has been a long while, and a bit has happened. Most of that is wedding planning, as the subject suggests, although not at a chapel… My discomfort with churches (a sad irony being in one of the most church laden towns available…) made that not an option. Hoyt was fine with that, thank goodness!

So far, we have a time, a location, a ceremony and reception location, wedding party and guest list (both nearly finalized), a honeymoon destination, our registries and preliminary gift lists, wedding colors, flower types, bride dress and accessories, possible groom's suit and accessories, working on the caterer (waiting on menus), a rehearsal dinner location and hotels of choice for out of town visitors, invitations (being made by yours truly with the help of loving fiancee), primary musicians selected and working on music list, and already looking into wedding party gifts.

Things we still need to figure out: vows, officiant (my mom is looking into this), a photographer (the person I asked hasn't responded and my aunt hasn't sent me her suggestion), we aren't having a videographer, the exact layout of the ceremony (how it's going to work, but we have the music at least!), when it will actually begin and who is invited to the ceremony… oh, the cake (although we've had ideas, I am not sure where we're at with it).

Still, overall I think we're farther along than most. With about six months till launch, everything seems to be going a lot easier than others make it out to be. I'll probably be freaking out later though. Really not looking forward to making a public spectacle of myself and am still really unhappy about the location, the date, and how traditional in general it is. It is completely unlike us, but then again, we aren't paying for the majority of it. Ah well, at least everyone else gets to enjoy it. How stupid is that? I can't even get married the way I want to. All these stupid traditions being pushed on both of us, for what? For everyone else's benefit. Blaaaaaaah. At least our honeymoon is what we want. Unfortunately it will be nearly three months earlier than I wanted to go there (so we miss the one festival I am dying to see), it's better than nothing. At least I am completely in love with Hoyt and we are both dealing with this together. He is such a sweetheart. Okay, before I get super mushy or super irritated thinking about my wedding constraints, I'm going to go, maybe eat more chocolate chip cookie dough. Chocolate chip cookie dough….