A change of pace

I think it is time for a change of pace… no more sadness! I can be a drama queen sometimes, and I have been overreacting quite a bit at work too (web design can be such a battle!). While I really do feel alone nearly all the time, I need to learn how to cope with it better and make some more personal friends. But that isn't why I write!

My birthday was pretty just me, but one person did join me and that helped. On Monday, Hoyt finally made it in, but he is sooo sick… he was able to stay until today, but he left still coughing very hard and with stuffy nose. That didn't stop us on some things (but we didn't do much otherwise… besides sleep…), and one of the biggest steps forward… we're engaged!

Okay, I know. The juicy details… well, Hoyt got dressed up in a fancy tux and I in my new evening gown. We headed over to the Hyatt Regency's Skies, a revolving restaurant that overlooks most of Kansas City. lol Hoyt was a bit antsy and asked before the course even hit the table in such a cute manner! He is such a cutie… aftwards, he was pretty aloof and quite entranced with the train yards visible from the 41st floor… lol, I had to ask him when we got back whether it was a bad aloof (sudden feeling of restrictions) or a good aloof (cloud nine). He confirmed the latter and before I could even get my shoes off he collapsed in almost a dead sleep. :-p

My only complaint is we did not get any real cuddle time before he had to leave today. I had to work (even cutting out an hour), and he was still quite sleepy… it feels fate is against us when we finally get more than a day and a half together and he is so exhausted from over three weeks straight of twelve hour work days and horrible sickness. Ah well, calling him fiancee instead of boyfriend is finally starting to sink in, and he seems to be content (in a sick tired sort of way). No date set, our priority is to get him back here first. The ring is beautiful though, and he picked it out. 😉 Yay!