Work times two

I have started a temporary, possibly permanent, second “job” freelancing. This came about when a colleague I used to work with (who now owns his own company) asked if I could work on two projects. It's basic work, writing all the content for a company I am unfamiliar with and writing the help documentation for a beta application the company developed. I have done all this before, so I said I could get it done by the Monday deadline. I am curious to see how this freelancing progresses.

This opportunity also adds to my relief in my little crisis. The past few days I have definitely felt a lot better without too much reason as to why. I think the bus pass (albeit not the best solution) helps, and I will be looking at new apartments this weekend. I don't want to move, but I also don't want to deal with the purchasing, maintaing, then driving of a car. This weekend will determine the exact solution, whether I move in two months or in six at lease expiration. For some reason I feel light-headed though, so I need to move through this work quickly before I completely lose it.